4 Surprising Secrets

for Realizing All Your Commitments

(Professional, Financial, Personal)

with Freedom, Power & Peace of Mind


with Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel, strategy & performance expert, board member and sparring partner for leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

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What if you had a system

that ensures you meet all your commitments

(professional, financial and personal)

not as a burden or obligation,

but with Freedom, Power and Peace of Mind?

Using Only Tools You Already Have.

  • Freedom: The choice about what you do and what you don’t do; the freedom from “should” or anxiety or keeping it all in your head…
  • Power: The speed with which you move from idea to implementation and result…
  • Peace of Mind: The tranquility and elegance with which you go about the business of your life and your commitments…

What if you had a fool-proof system that reliably and sustainably—every day from now on, for the rest of your life—gave you the fulfillment and energy that comes from being a champion performer in every single aspect of your life and work?

A system that gives you 100% reliability, with absolutely nothing dropped out?

A system that does away with all your to-do lists, task agendas, reminders, Post-It notes, and piles of paper—forever?

A system that frees up your head from having to remember anything—ever again—so you can focus your creativity on what matters?

A system that puts your life fulfillment and success on auto-pilot?

A system that doesn’t require any new hardware or software or app or time management workshop or expensive consulting—whatever you already use works perfectly?

Phil Atkinson

Principal, Context Communications

"I am much more positive, better organized, and have increased awareness. I feel calmer, more confident, more fulfilled, with an underlying sense of good fortune."

Lisa Grattan

Chairman, Women’s Tennis Benefit Association

"I became more organized, set my weekly and monthly priorities which resulted in much more productivity… I stopped pretending to "listen" on my conference calls when in fact I was multi-tasking... I had several of my coworkers comment on my progress and say things like 'you are really on top of things these days' and 'you really handled the player meeting very well."

Dr. Martin Cross

CEO, Novartis-Australia and New Zealand

"It is difficult to isolate the Return on Investment, but I can say without qualification: Novartis-Australia has performed strongly and has been recognised within Novartis as a 'Winner' for the last 8 months."


I developed this system over 7 years of trial and error. I was my own guinea pig—I used it on myself to build a $10+ million net worth and financial freedom, write and publish 8 books, become a Columbia and HSG professor, build a successful business and passive revenue streams of $400,000+ annually—and have time left over to work out every day, be a dedicated family man, and serve on the board of a $200 million NGO to give back and make a difference. Life is good, to say the least.

And my clients used the system to realize an aggregate $9+ billion growth, meet their business imperatives, and handle everything in their busy lives, with ample time left over for leading a life they love.

The system is Cockpit. It’s a 10-video course. Each video is short, action-packed and complete with handouts you can use to turn it into immediate action. No bla-bla. I take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to build your own Cockpit and get results.

Again: Cockpit works with whatever architecture you currently use. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone. You need no extra hardware or software.

Here’s a quick overview of the course.

  • Video 1: Getting Started. We will bust a few myths about productivity and time management: What is productivity really? We will look at your current situation, put our finger on what’s missing, and see where you would like to be. Then we set up some ground rules so you get the most out of this course.
  • Video 2: Everest—Reveal the secret nobody knows that will set you free. We’ll take stock of everything you have to do and handle in your life, and categorize it. We’ll reveal a shocking truth about the entirety of what you have to get done in your life and work. Then I’ll show you how to free yourself from that mountain of stuff on your shoulders.
  • Video 3: Unfinished Business—The Key to Unlocking Your Power. Another myth is about what robs you of your Freedom, Power and Peace of Mind. In reality, your Freedom, Power and Peace of Mind come from two sources, one of which is Unfinished Business. We will put all of it into 4 categories so you can put the past where it truly belongs—in the past—and be free for your present and future.
  • Video 4: Funnel—Channel Your Inner Dalai Lama. We’ll take a hard look at your existing time management system: What works, what doesn’t? Based on latest brain science, I’ll show you how to never again waste precious brainpower on remembering stuff—or worse, worrying about forgetting stuff.
  • Video 5: Calendar—Take decisive action with the elegance of 007 (or Wonderwoman, or Roger Federer if you prefer). We will look at your Calendar and eliminate any sources of stress. I will show you my Calendar—not that you should imitate me, but for best practices—and we will see how you can optimize your power, focus and impact.
  • Video 6. The Freedom List—End the tyranny of the “should.” We will bust the myth of “later” and “sometime.” You can kiss procrastination good-bye forever. I’ll show you a killer app that will free you from “should,” “maybe,” and “I’ll try” and is guaranteed to enhance your freedom.
  • Video 7. The Knowledge Locker—Boost Your Superbrain and have everything you’ll ever need at your fingertips. Based on the brain science insight that the brain is a terrible storage device, we will set up your personal information system (both digital and analog) that is customized to your goals and needs and gives you total recall at any given time.
  • Video 8. The Rituals—Design and run your success machine. Geniuses like Picasso, Darwin, Freud, Twain, Beethoven, Jane Austen or Benjamin Franklin worked with small rituals to produce great achievements. I will help you set up standardized practices that will put your life and success on auto-pilot. (Sorry, but you’ll still need to carry out these practices.)
  • Video 9. The Summit—The One Thing That Will Make You Unstoppable. This is the make-or-break factor; next to capital, land and labor, I call it the 4th factor of production. What is the one thing that nobody can take away from you, even if they take away your home, your possessions, your wealth and health? I will show you how to maximize the true power you have—a kind of power you cannot get from money or fame or the corner office.
  • Video 10. Recap, Automation & What’s Next. This final video recaps the course in one place—the 3 key take-aways from each video—so you can easily come back to refresh a tool.

Sound good?

Now, here is the Deal.

I am giving this system to you.

I want you to have what my clients and I have—the Freedom, Power and Peace of Mind that come with having arrived.

It get’s better.

Zero Risk: You’ll love it—or you keep it free.

The price is normally $197.

But in this time of crisis, and given my commitment to give this away, you can have it today for $47.

This covers our production and marketing costs.

Claim your Cockpit course now and save $150.

With the discount and the “Love It or Keep It” guarantee, you cannot lose.

And remember always: You are the one who can take charge. You are the one who can be in the Cockpit of your life.

Click the button and let’s get started today.

YES! I want to use COCKPIT. >


The choice about what you do and what you don’t do; the freedom from “should” or anxiety or keeping it all in your head…


The speed with which you move from idea to implementation and result...


The tranquility and elegance with which you go about the business of your life and your commitments…


YES! I want to use COCKPIT. >

Richard Zaher

CEO, Paramount Business Jet

"A decade ago I had the opportunity to sit in on Dr. Zweifel's leadership class at Columbia University. He gave me essential tools and technology for building my business. We have been growing steadily, we made the INC 500 fastest growing company in America for two years in a row. We are fortunate to have Dr. Zweifel on our board."

Olga Darazs

President of the Advisory board,
CSD Holding SA

"I have the feeling that after months of stagnation we have made a significant step in our "Successors project" for the CSD Group. Your class and the tools you gave us were (and still are) very usefull : thanks again!"

Werner Brandmayr

President, ConocoPhillips Europe

"I wish I’d had your tools 35 years ago when I was starting out."


YES! I want to use COCKPIT. >

Thomas D. Zweifel

  • Ex-CEO, strategy & performance expert and award-winning author Thomas D. Zweifel busts prevailing myths about time management.
  • Zweifel reveals a simple 4-step process for handling everything you have to get done in your life—everything, professional, personal, financial—so you can meet all your commitments with freedom, power, and peace of mind.
  • This system, based on 35 years of performance management, has given Dr. Zweifel’s clients the power to realize an aggregate $9+ billion growth, meet their business imperatives, and handle everything in their busy lives, with ample time left over for leading a life they love.

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